We discovered a paradox: on one hand everybody’s thinking the world is becoming more and more complex without us having the capacity to digest it. On the other hand, people can sometimes exploit this complexity, or even amplify it in order to create unexpected achievements.

We believe all individuals possess strengths unique to them with social skills allowing to leverage this growing complexity without fleeing or fighting it.

Alone I go faster, together we go further. (African proverb)

People’s Strengths

We believe everybody’s driven by three kind of strengths (his life or VIE in French):

  • the Vision of what one wants to do in and with one’s life (heart, emotional aspect);
  • some Ideas to achieve the vision (head, rational aspect);
  • past Experiences validating the ideas work toward the vision (hand, experiential aspect).

A Labso allows identifying and aligning one’s strengths with the help of the different perspectives brought by participants’ social interactions.

Gaping void - business_isThe Social Skill

As a “social animal”, man uses language to create social relationships toward what attracts us in others: their strengths perceived as complementary as ours.

During a Labso, the social skills of participants are leveraged toward identification and amplification of their strengths.