Gapind void - network_vs_node_colorThere is no unique way to design a Labso, although two basic principles are recurrent: creating social relationships and leveraging strengths.

These two principles are associated in iterating circles. For instance:

  • connect participants between each other;
  • select the relevant strengths for the issue under consideration;
  • experiment connections between strengths in the protected space of the Labso;
  • reflect on learnings and ways to amplify results out of the Labso.

This first phase allows identification and experimentation of one’s own strengths in the Labso’s protected space. A second phase allows amplification these initial results:

  • connect participants’ strengths previously identified;
  • select the best social links to support future actions;
  • experiment strength-based actions in the real world, out of the Labso;
  • reflect on results to identify further action opportunities.

The purpose of a Labso is the quick expression of participants’ strengths and their reinforcement through social amplification for rapid autonomy.