In order to reclaim the “Labso” label, you must abide by the following “Chart for Labsos”.

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Mission: Labsos are a global network of local laboratories for social technologies helping co-creation and helping people discover their strengths and leverage their social skills.

Access: You can use a Labso to work on anything (provided nobody’s harmed in the process); you learn according to your strengths and must share them inside the Labso for other topics and with other users.

Education: Training inside a Labso is peer- and project-based; you’re asked to contribute knowledge and teach other users.

Accountability: You are accountable of:

  • Safety: Work without damaging the environment (premises and Earth on a more general level) without harming (physically or intellectually) other users;
  • Cleanlyness: Leave the Labso and its participants cleaner then how you found them when starting;
  • Follow-up: Ensure followup, corrections after unsuccessful experiments, tools and methods improvements and reporting of incidents.

Privacy: Concepts and processes developed during a Labso belong to The Commons and must be shared under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license at least.

Business: Commercial activities may be bred during Labsos provided they don’t prevent free access (see Privacy above). They must further develop outside of the Labso rather than inside and benefit the participants, other Labsos and the networks that contributed to their success.

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